All listed prices are estimates only and subject to change. 

Each piece is priced individually with deadline, duration, number of subjects, level of detail, and additional/special requests, etc, all taken into consideration.

Pricing shall be agreed upon by both the artist and the client before payment is made or work begins.  Agreement will be either verbal or written at the artist’s discretion.

A 50% non-refundable deposit paid by the client to the artist is required before work begins.  The remaining payment is to be made when 1) the artist completes the piece, and 2) the client approves the final draft.  Once approval is given and final payment has been made, the piece will be shipped, delivered or may be picked up by the client.

All services and works are subject to sales tax where required by law.

Note from the artist:  While my preference would be to give full refunds for works that clients are not 100% satisfied with, the amount of work put into preparing, sizing, drafting, beginning, and completing a given piece is immense as well as time consuming.  The non-refundable 50% deposit insures said time and work, regardless of however little or much progress has been made on the piece at the point of cancellation by the client.  Any exceptions to this non-refundable policy will be made at the artist’s discretion.


Sizes (inches) & Prices (sales tax where required)

2×3.5 = $75+

3×3 = $75+

5×7 = $125+

8×10 = $200+

11×14 = $350+

16×20 = $500+

18×24 = $700+