No two faces are alike. Even all those identical twins out there have those qualities that are unique to the individual. I would know. I am an identical twin, and I am married to an identical twin. As twins, we may look, sound and act alike, but even the most identical of us is not without those unshared qualities that make us who we are.
That’s exactly what makes drawing portraits so enjoyable for me as an artist. I am challenged every time I put pen to paper in attempting to capture a likeness. Regardless of technique, however free or restricted the method for achieving likeness, there is a mystery and almost elusive quality in capturing a subject’s uniqueness.
Are you interested in having a hand-drawn pen and ink portrait done?  Take a look at my Commissions page, and reach out to me with any inquiries at my Contact Me page.  Every piece comes ready to hand in a basic mat and frame. Custom matting and framing are available upon request.